Fast Food Faves: State by State

Fast Food, Picture this: You’ve just landed in California, belly rumbling after a long flight. All you can think about is sinking your teeth into that classic In-N-Out burger. It’s more than a meal; it’s a warm, welcoming embrace from the Golden State.

Colorado Good Times 

Colorado’s got a stash of fast-food secrets, and Good Times is one of their best-kept ones. They’re rockin’ all-natural beef, top-notch chicken, and some seriously tasty frozen custard. Plus, their breakfast burritos? Legendary.

Connecticut Ted’s Restaurant 

Ever heard of a steamed cheeseburger? Ted’s in Meriden, Connecticut, has been serving up these juicy, unique burgers since way back in the 1920s. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss if you’re around those parts.

Delaware Capriotti’s 

Delaware knows a thing or two about a killer sandwich, and Capriotti’s is their sandwich royalty. Think Thanksgiving in a bun—it’s all about that freshly roasted turkey with all the fixings. Warning: You might get addicted.

Florida PDQ 

Chicken lovers, unite! PDQ’s got your back with their never-frozen, always-fresh chicken fingers and nuggets. And oh boy, their crispy chicken sandwich with pimento cheese and bacon? Absolutely mind-blowing.

Georgia Waffle House

A true American icon, Waffle House started as a small-town joint in the ’50s and grew into a nationwide obsession. It’s your go-to for 24/7 waffles and comforting breakfasts. There’s even a Waffle House museum—talk about legendary.

Alabama Milo’s 

Milo’s in Birmingham has been dishing out flavorful grilled-bun burgers since the ’40s. Expect a little extra love in every bite, from their famous fried pies to their addictive sweet tea.

Alaska Arctic Roadrunner 

Arctic Roadrunner in Anchorage is the spot for a taste of local Alaskan goodness. Their salmon and halibut burgers paired with thick-cut fries will make your day, especially if you grab a seat on their outdoor deck.


Eegee’s Tucson’s love affair with Eegee’s frozen lemonades and delicious grinders goes way back. It’s a regional treasure that’s been winning hearts since the ’70s.

Arkansas Slim Chickens

This chicken joint is the real deal, offering 100% all-natural white meat and a whopping 17 sauce options. Slim Chickens in Northwest Arkansas is where you get your finger-licking fix.

This list isn’t just about fast food; it’s about the flavors and vibes that make each state special. From iconic burger joints to local sandwich heroes, these spots bring a taste of home and a slice of local culture with every bite.