The Coolest Food Spots Around the World: Reader Faves

The coolest food. So, Food & Wine was all about the grub globe-trotting. And let me tell you, their readers are serious foodies, voting for the places worth a journey just for a bite. From killer bakeries in Rome to groundbreaking fine dining in Mexico City, this list is foodie heaven.

Mexico City Takes the Crown

Mexico City’s the star here, bagging five spots, including the top two. Paris isn’t far behind, grabbing three spots. And Rome’s got two, both rocking the culinary game thanks to the Roscioli family.

1. Máximo Bistrot: Mexico City, Mexico

Tucked in Roma, Mexico City, this farm-to-table joint serves up fancy dishes in a cozy, no-fuss setting. Wooden tables, dim lights—a perfect vibe for a romantic dinner. They whip up seasonal, sustainable eats using Mexican and European tricks. People go nuts for their kampachi appetizer—packed with flavor. Word is, go big with their tasting menu.

2. Pujol: Mexico City, Mexico

Chef Enrique Olvera’s spot flips Mexican cuisine on its head. It’s not your typical Mexican joint. The legendary mole madre, aged for 3,000 days, is their showstopper. And all their tortillas? Made from special heirloom corn. Want a food trip? Try their taco omakase—it’s like a Mexican tour.

3. Antico Forno Roscioli: Rome, Italy

Not your usual sit-down place, but this bakery’s pizza and artisanal bread are game-changers. Born in 1824, it’s Roman legend territory, especially during Christmas for their panettone. Locals line up for their famous pizza bianca and pizza rossa—must-tries!

4. Salumeria Roscioli: Rome, Italy

Starting as a grocery store, Salumeria Roscioli stepped up its game with added tables. Locals and tourists swarm here for the best carbonara in Rome. They flaunt meats and cheeses from their deli counter—stuff like heavenly mozzarella di bufala and classic Roman dishes.

5. Azul Condesa: Mexico City, Mexico

Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita knows Mexican food like the back of his hand. His joint across three spots in Mexico City nails classic Mexican cuisine, especially Oaxacan dishes. And that mole negro? It’s the bomb.

6. Quintonil: Mexico City, Mexico

Run by Chef Jorge Vallejo (a Pujol alum) and his wife Alejandra Flores, Quintonil rocks modern Mexican cuisine. Sleek and modern vibe with creative dishes using local ingredients. Their nine-course tasting menu is a flavor rollercoaster.

7. Bar Vendôme: Paris, France

This fancy Belle Époque brasserie at Ritz Paris oozes elegance. Perfect for a fancy night, they serve top-notch French dishes in a classy setting. Start with oysters or lobster and dive into French classics—yum!

8. Le Comptoir: Paris, France

Chef Yves Camdeborde’s Michelin-starred spot inside Le Relais Saint Germain is a cozy gem. The vibe’s perfect for savoring Camdeborde’s twists on French classics. Seasonal, market-driven dishes matched with natural wines—it’s a win.

9. Frenchie: Paris, France

Chef Gregory Marchand’s Frenchie? It’s a tough spot to snag in Paris. But once you’re in, it’s a wild ride of French cuisine with a twist. Laid-back vibes but killer, inventive dishes—definitely worth the hunt.

10. Contramar: Mexico City, Mexico

In the chic Condesa ‘hood, Contramar is Chef Gabriela Cámara’s gem. A bustling joint known for super-fresh seafood. People rave about their raw tuna tostadas and grilled snapper—basically, seafood heaven.

Each of these spots? A flavor adventure you’d plan a trip around. So, grab that passport and let’s chow down!