Vegan Vibes at King Cookdaily: A Low-Key Haven in East London

Easy-to-Miss Gem

Tucked away on Hanbury Street in Shoreditch, King Cookdaily might not catch your eye immediately. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kinda spot, a low-key kiosk with a few seats. No flashy signs screaming for attention, just a humble place with an underrated charm.

Vegan Zen Zone

With just 11 dishes on the menu, boasting names like “Infamous” and “High Grade,” King Cookdaily keeps it simple. Despite being a haven for plant-based diners, it doesn’t scream “vegan” at you. It’s like a hidden treasure in a neighborhood filled with overhyped spots that often leave you underwhelmed.

Menu Sleuthing Required

You might need a moment to realize that there’s no meat in sight. Unlike the stereotype of vegans making their presence known loudly, King Cookdaily takes a more chill approach. The vibe is zen, but the devil’s in the delicious details.

High Grade Goodness

Let’s talk about the “High Grade” bowl. It’s a veggie fiesta with carrot, cabbage, mushroom, yam, garlic, and dried red pepper. All the goodness is stewed to perfection and coated in a smoky sweet-and-sour barbecue sauce. Topped with a hemp crumble, this dish is a masterpiece. You can pair it with coconut rice, add extra tofu, or go for the chick’n option – where no clucky things were harmed.

Yoga Fire: A Bowl of Goodness

My personal favorite is the “Yoga Fire.” Picture a delicately spiced yellow curry with soft chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and mung bean dal simmered in golden coconut milk. Served over steamed rice and garnished with cucumber raita, it’s a bowl of pure, restorative goodness – the kind your body thanks you for.

No Kitchen Drama

Surprisingly, there’s no open kitchen drama where you can watch the magic happen. No theatrics, just the quiet confidence of a chef who lets the food do the talking. Take, for instance, the vegan lao bowl, a meat-free spin on Laos’s national dish. No blood or sinew, just umami-rich chick’n mince over sticky plantain and toasted sticky rice.

Not Your Average Fare

King Cookdaily might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for many, it’s a culinary revelation. The kind of place that makes you question why you’d clutter your system with flesh. Maybe it’s just that us mere mortals can’t whip up veggies this spectacular at home.

Futuristic Vegan Feasting

Enter the “Hard Bowl” with twice-cooked cassava – a disaster in the wrong hands, but a triumph at King Cookdaily. Soft, yielding, mixed with ackee, boiled dumplings, fresh thyme, and a hint of scotch bonnet chilli. It’s futuristic vegan cooking, rooted in old, cherished concepts. Perfect for those who want to “Eat Y’self Fitter,” as Mark E Smith would say, without the kitchen acrobatics.

In a world where vegan dining often leans towards decadence, King Cookdaily keeps it fresh, crunchy, and downright delicious. It’s a quiet celebration of veggies, helmed by a man in east London who lets his food speak volumes.